Gays, lesbians, bisexual and transgender persons are invited to contribute stories from their crucial time of coming out, to be included in an anthology that will raise awareness of this deeply personal time of admitting sexual preference. Ideally stories could be 300 – 1500 words, maximum length is 3000 words. Some people may prefer a quote, an anecdote or a full story to share their journey – send them all in. If you have not come out yet and wish to share ‘why not’, also send your words in. Stories will need to be edited and can be anonymous if you wish. The book length is anticipated to be about 70,000 words. The aim is for a collaboration of truth and the emotional reaction of yourself, of family and friends during this time. For more information and to submit your story please contact


One Response to “CFS: New LGBT Anthology ‘COMING OUT’”

  1. m brim 24 April 2011 at 11:08 AM #

    exploring my identity…

    Why am I attracted to “studs”?
    There is something about the swag of a sexy stud.
    The stance, the walk, the voice, the talk.
    They carry themselves with a confidence that’s like no other.
    Making me want to find out what there is to uncover.
    What is the secret to this boi’s mystique?
    Getting me curious to take a peek of what’s beneath them clothes trying to see that beautiful physique… so sleek.
    [Like a Mac truck, I’m ready to fuck.]
    But I’m not going to give up the possibility to explore something more.
    I was to know what’s on your mind.
    She is a treasure that’s hard to find.
    A woman with style and personality to boot.
    She makes me laugh, smile and she’s so cute.
    I can’t wait to hear from her every chance I get.
    When we start talking I don’t want to quit.
    I just can’t get enough of her.
    I am always searching to find out more and I feel like a little girl in a candy store.
    The treats are so unique and tasty and I haven’t even tasted it.
    Will she let me?
    Can I make her happy?
    Will she be satisfied? Will I?
    The possibilities are endless and with one kiss, I’m breathless.
    Please let me in, I am ready to begin the journey of getting to know you. Your intentions seem so pure and true.
    Your love for women is so real.
    That’s what gives you sex appeal.
    Knowing that you want to completely please me and that your desire is to bring me to ecstasy.
    I want to do the same for you.
    Is looking in my eyes while you’re inside penetrating my mind bringing you to that level too?
    Ooo… don’t know what to do.
    You are the total package- no other can match this.
    You got everything a woman like me needs and you aim to please.
    So, don’t tease, you’re about to bring me to my knees, pleading for your touch… can’t get enough.
    So don’t act so tough all of the time.
    That sensitivity of a woman is why I want you to be mine.
    You understand me because you feel the same.
    Opening up to me doesn’t make you lame.
    It brings us closer, closer than most.
    I know I can come to you because you have a heart of gold.
    So, don’t hide behind your b-boi stance.
    Give my love a chance.
    I want more that what’s in your pants.
    I want you heart, your mind; I want to share your soul.
    I want to be with you until we both grow old.
    I want to please you more than you’ll ever know.
    And in time, our love will grow.
    Let me hold you in my arms and wash all of your fears away.
    Love you like never before and in my heart you will stay.
    Cuz, I never knew a love like this before and once again, you always have me yearning for more.
    I am ready when you are.
    I’ll be looking at the stars waiting for you to return.
    My body burns to be by your side.
    I’m your Bonnie, will you be my Clyde?
    Let’s ride till the daylight.
    Give me a try… together you and I can conquer the world.
    In love…you and I… you and I…you and I…

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