In the early morning hours of June 28, 1969, in a dive bar in Greenwich Village, police raids triggered a spontaneous rebellion which would come to change the course of history for LGBT+ people, both in New York and throughout the world. Fifty years later, participants from the Stonewall Rebellion/Riots will celebrate the progress they have been fortunate enough to help forge, and memorialize their fallen Stonewall Veterans.

​In this spirit, Stonewall’s Legacy aims to serve as a poetic record of where LGBT+ people were, are, and will be as a global community. As such, it will contain poetry of, by, for, and of relevance to the LGBT+ community. Coedited by contemporary queer poet Marc Rosen and front-line Stonewall participant Rusty Rose, it is our ambition and hope to put forth an anthology worthy of bearing the burden that comes with the name Stonewall

​Submission guidelines:

1) Contributors may send up to five (5) poems to [email protected]. Please include the word “submission” in the subject of the email. Poems should be of relevance to the LGBT+ community, its priorities, and/or its concerns. Please note that we will not publish derogatory content.
2) Please submit poems both in the body of the e-mail and as one text attachment. We accept all of the following commonly used attachment types: doc, docx, rtf, txt, pdf. No image files or formats outside this list, please.
3) Please include a short (3-4 lines max) bio with your poems. Keep in mind that our anthology will be in print, so exclude long URLs.
4) Please send any questions about the anthology to [email protected]. Please include the word “question” in the subject line to ensure we see it in a timely manner.
5) Submissions are open until 11:59:59 PM Eastern time on February 28, 2019.

Visit publisher website here.


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