MFA Application Review


Ongoing through March 1, 2019


This event does not have a physical location.


Are you in the process of applying to MFA programs? Are you interested in having someone coming from a queer and/or POC perspective review your manuscript and personal statement…for free?

MFA APP REVIEW is an all-volunteer initiative seeking to increase access to fully funded writing programs and to build community among underrepresented writers. (Several of us are alumni of the Lambda Literary Writers Retreat for Emerging LGBTQ Voices.) We offer an informal review of an applicant’s writing sample and/or statement of purpose. The applicant is paired with a reviewer in their genre who will read their materials and then schedule a phone chat to share comments/discuss. Our comments will be based on our experiences as successful applicants, as well as our experiences (as students and, in some cases, professors) in MFA programs and workshops.

We are NOT professional reviewers and we do not have any connections to the admissions department at our schools or anywhere else. We ARE another set of potentially helpful eyes on your manuscript: people who got admitted to MFA programs based on our writing samples who want to offer a different perspective on your work. We envision that this may be particularly helpful for writers who are not currently involved in creative writing programs or writing scenes and are looking to talk to another writer about their work.

Poets, writers of fiction, and writers of creative nonfiction who identify as trans, non-binary, person of color, Indigenous/Aboriginal, and/or undocumented, AND who are currently applying to a fully funded MFA program, are eligible for the MFA APP REVIEW. While MFA programs are in no way the only path to becoming a writer, having time and resources to write can be invaluable, and part of our goal is to help underrepresented writers get access to funding that historically has been and continues to be largely unavailable to us. We understand that language around identity is imprecise and in flux, so if you feel that you do qualify, but don’t see your specific identity or situation reflected above, please do contact us.

Visit MFA APP REVIEW for complete details and how to submit your writing sample and/or statement of purpose for review.


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