Hematopoiesis is now reading for it’s third issue, on the topic of SCARIFICATION.

Send in your poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, visual art, and hybrid work by December 15th 2017.

From the call:


A place where the wound has closed. A place where the wound won’t bleed even if you need it to.

Rip and scatter, roughed up by this rearrangement of cells. Languages of injury and repair. What happened here.

More at our website Hematopoiesis Press


We invite and encourage writers and artists from communities traditionally excluded from or underrepresented in publishing to submit. Multiple submissions across genres are accepted, and hybrid work is strongly encouraged and can be submitted under the category which you feel is most appropriate. See below for submission specifics according to genre.

In terms of content, do not send us work that contains gratuitous violence or promotes harmful stereotypes about groups of people, especially if you do not identify as belonging to that community.

Send your submission as a docx file attachment to hematopoiesispress@gmail.com with “submission-(insert genre)” in the title line. Your name and a brief bio should appear in the cover letter, while the submission file itself should be bare of identifying information. Our editors first read through submissions outside of a personal context, and then consider bios during the final phase of selecting work. We do this in order to ensure a more ethical reading practice. Again, do not include your name or any identifying personal information in the body of your submission.

We charge no reading fee for submissions, but unfortunately cannot pay contributors at this time. We will respond to all work within a month of submission close. Our editors may offer feedback for accepted written work. We ask for first serial rights for our digital issue, and accept no previously published works.

Questions, as well as pitches for longer work, can be directed towards hematopoiesispress@gmail.com.

More information as well as our first two issues on our website.

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