The New Work Initiative is an open submission competition whose primary goal is to bring the best theatre and new voices from the United States to China and vice versa. This is why we’re interested in new works from playwrights who are hungry to be heard and are willing to discover new technology to bring their work to the stage. The submission is free. The best works are selected by a board of 5 judges who read the submitted scripts and ultimately decide on the best work. The play that gets chosen will be produced in 2019 with a significant budget and for a year-long tour in China with a potential remount in the States. Other winners will also be selected. The 5 judges consist of a mix of industry individuals and individuals from Performing Arts schools.

Deadline: January 5th, 2018.
Playwrights can submit more than one play.
There are no fees of any kind. 
  1. Must be an original work.
  2. No previous production and publication all around the world.
  3. Has never granted and will not grant other individuals or entities to use the script in anyway before the the choosing outcome is issued.
  4. Play must be a full-length piece. At least an hour long.
  5. Can be a play, performance art, movement piece, physical theatre, dance, musical, etc.
  6. No restriction on plot, content, or themes. Children’s plays accepted.
  7. Submissions will only be accepted in English. The show that is chosen will be translated to mandarin for the Chinese Tour in 2019.
  8. Open to making use of new technology
    • Projections, holograms, media technology, virtual reality, etc.
For more information, submission guidelines and to submit please visit here.


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