Guesthouse is pleased to announce The Googie Goer Prize for Speculative Prose, designed to honor the best speculative fiction today and harness the community-building power of competition in the arts. One piece of prose will be selected by our judge Andrea Lawlor as the winner and published in Guesthouse issue five in 2020. We hope to model a new formula for our prose contest by borrowing what we see working among our peers and predecessors but also testing the waters of a transparency-based approach. We will divvy up the contest proceeds into four pots. Each submission costs the writer $13.69. After fees, we add $12.00 to the contest pool.

Andrea Lawlor will serve as the judge for the inaugural Googie Goer Prize. Andrea Lawlor teaches writing at Mount Holyoke College and edits fiction for Fence magazine. Their publications include Paul Takes the Form of a Mortal Girl, a 2018 finalist for the Lambda Literary and CLMP Firecracker Awards. Paul, originally published by Rescue Press in 2017, is out now from Vintage/Knopf in the US and Picador UK in the UK & Ireland.

We’re looking for:

  • prose with a dedication to an underrepresented genre (speculative prose, fantasy, magical realism, prose with fabulist tendencies, weird fiction, hybrid works, futurism, retro-futurism apocalypse fiction, horror stories, et al.)

  • prose that contains innovative characters and spaces that influence our current understanding of entities;

  • prose that showcases unseen scenarios and characters that overcome or succumb to them, told from a place of empathy;

  • and/ or prose that re-defines the speculative tradition within fictional or hybrid works we can’t yet anticipate.

  • People of color, a part of the LGBTQ+ community, and people with disabilities are strongly encouraged to submit.

Click here to submit.


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