In celebration of Specter Magazine’s first anniversary as well as the launch of Specter(s) Blog, we are especially soliciting works with the theme of “the first year” or “in the beginning”.

Whether your work muses on the footprint of the first slick-skinned amphibian to haul heavy onto dry land, suggests the inauguration of an already misguided romance, speculates on the beginning of the end of all humankind, or illuminates the first five minutes of a C-section, we want your lyric essays, personal essays, creative non-fiction flash, interviews, book reviews, and movies related to auspicious (or less than) beginnings.

Please submit by November 1st, 2012. Essays, reviews, interviews, etc. not relevant to “beginnings” will be considered, but with far less enthusiasm. No previously published work; simultaneous submissions are fine so long as you notify us ASAP if your submission is accepted elsewhere. Submit in 12 pt Times New Roman, double spaced, at the Specter(s) Blog section on Submittable:

Specter Magazine will also open for submissions soon.

Unfortunately, we cannot pay for work.


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