The Myriad Carnival is an anthology of ‘queer, weird and dark’ stories themed around carnivals, featuring stories from writers including Paul Magrs (The Brenda and Effie Mysteries, Doctor Who), Hal Duncan (Vellum, Ink, Scruffians!), Roy Gill (The Parallel series, Confessions of Dorian Gray), Evey Brett, Kate Harrad and others. Previously invitation only, submissions are open for the remaining four slots in the table of contents.

Pertinent details:

– The collection is nominally shared world; each story features a carnival named the Myriad Carnival but other than this the genre, time, setting and peoples of the carnival are in the hands of the writer.

– There are plenty of carnival archetypes currently unexplored, but myriad carnivalsteer clear of tarot readers, trick horse riders, tattooed men, sharpshooters, and electricity magicians. We’ve got those already.

– Payment is $40/£24, plus 2 x copies of the anthology. Reprints accepted.

– Word length: Flexible; average current story length between 2k and 6k.

– Deadline: August 31st

– Publisher: Glitterwolf Publications

– Submissions/queries to:

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