Currently seeking submissions for Issue No. 03, Cold Creek Review is an online literary journal that explores the depths of troubled emotion. Its mission is to publish contemporary poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and art that awaken the beauty of anguish and suffering, while maintaining a sense of creative urgency. Our staff meets biweekly to discuss each submission individually. We make sure that each submission receives the attention and consideration it deserves. Clarity and deliberation are important to us. Final decisions are made after discussions have been shared among the editors.

We are a literary journal that is keen on diving into the dark, the misunderstood, and the wild.

Do you know the feeling in your skin when you step in a cold current, ice breaking and senses fogged? That is our mission.

Cold Creek Review currently accepts poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and art (traditional and digital, including photography). While we are partial to submissions that demonstrate examples of troubled emotion, we accept work in almost all styles. Our interests include work that invigorates a feeling of melancholy long after finishing the piece and anything that makes us do more than think. We want your submission to leave us paralyzed and distressed. We challenge you to alarm us.

We do not accept work that depicts a strong sense of racism, violence, or erotica.

At this time, we publish issues on a quarterly basis at the end of each month (March, June, September, and December).

We also publish The Shallows every six months (January and July), which is a themed issue that separates itself from the senses of melancholy and emotional disruption. We accept submissions on a rolling basis and will fit your submission into the next quarterly release. If your submission has been declined, please wait four months before submitting again.

We do not accept previously published work. We encourage simultaneous submissions, as long as you are quick to notify us if your work has been accepted elsewhere.

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