NineStar Press, Ltd., an innovative, full-service publisher of LGBTQA fiction, is seeking submissions for romance stories of all lengths, erotica shorts, and literary novels.

For romance:

Length: 12-120k words.

Heat: Sweet (no sex or “fade-to-black”) through to fully erotic.

Content: The story must have an LGBTQA romance running through it. Both HEA and HFN accepted.

Genre: Currently seeking works in the following genres—contemporary, paranormal, romantic suspense, sci-fi & fantasy, horror/thriller, crime, BDSM, historical, cowboy/western, New Adult/college.

For erotica:

Length: 5-12k words.

Heat: Super hot. Scorching.

Content: Must be focused on LGBTQA characters. Romance isn’t necessary. Lust/sexual tension definitely is. Strong payoff.

Genre: All genres and kinks considered other than those listed in the “what we don’t accept” section below.

For literary novels:

Length: 45-120k words.

Heat: If applicable, sex scenes of any heat level are fine, provided they serve the story.

Content: Must have an LGBTQA main character. Romance plots aren’t necessary. We’re particularly interested in well-crafted stories about trans, ace, aro, nonbinary, and genderfluid characters.

Genre: All considered.

Standalones, series & serials all considered across the board. Serials must have a defined ending in each instalment.

Previously published or self-published books are considered. Authors with orphaned books after the folding of a publishing company are encouraged to submit. You must own all rights to the story.

What we don’t accept:

  • Pedophilia
  • Necrophilia (doesn’t apply to vamps, zombies and any other kind of “undead”—they’re a-okay with us!)
  • Incest (step relations are considered)
  • Bestiality (doesn’t apply to shifters or most sci-fi & fantasy creatures with human forms)

Special Call for Seasonal Stories!

In addition to our regular submissions request, we’re also currently on the lookout for seasonal stories for the holidays/winter release period.

These stories must have a winter or Christmas/holiday theme. Any genre, any category, and within the word count length parameters stipulated in our general guidelines. Please put “Seasonal Submission: [Title], [Author Name]” in the subject line and follow all other guidelines as stated in the full requirements on our website.

For more information, including how to submit, visit

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