2019 will be the bicentennial of Walt Whitman’s birth. For those who don’t know who the Good Gray Poet was, he wrote and self-published “Leaves of Grass” in 1855. His use of free verse and his embrace of overt sensuality along with his depiction of loving “comrades” have proven to be quite influential on poets ever since. 

Raymond Luczak is editing a new poetry anthology that celebrates and explores the work of not only Walt Whitman but also other queer male poets who’ve lived and died in the last two centuries. Submission guidelines along with a list of possibilities are below. (The same info can be found here) The anthology will appear sometime in 2019.


1. You need to self-identify as a queer/gay/bisexual trans or cis male poet. Writers of color and disabled poets are especially welcome.

2. You can submit up to four poems for a total of eight pages along with a 25-word bio. List the name of the poet being honored and the years lived directly under each poem’s title. (If your work honors a poet not on the list, please include a quick summary of who he was so he can be verified and added to the list.)

3. The poems can be a tribute, an elegy, a memory, an echo of the honored poet’s style, or inspired by some line in his work. (While a focus on Whitman is preferred, the editor is fine with having more than one poem about the same person in the anthology.)

4. The poems should be in a single Word file (.doc or .rtf) and sent to [email protected]. (Submissions are accepted via email only.)

5. If you prefer poets other than Walt Whitman, there’s a long list of dead queer male poets to choose from below. If your favorite poet isn’t on the list, please let us know. (We’ve tried our best to be comprehensive, and we’d love to include more non-American queer male poets to the list.)

6. Reprints will be considered as long as the poet owns the copyright (and lists where it first appeared), but new work is preferred.

7. Because the scope of this project is rather ambitious, there is unfortunately no financial compensation for inclusion of your work; however, each contributor in the anthology will get a copy of the book when it appears. As always, all contributors will retain copyright to their own work.

8. Response time will be approximately two weeks (usually less than that).

9. The deadline is October 31, 2018.

Questions? Please email the editor Raymond Luczak at [email protected].

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