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Are you a transgender woman or (C)AMAB non-binary storyteller who dreams of writing children’s literature? Heartspark Press wants to hear from you. We are deep in the production of 99% CHANCE OF MAGIC, our first chapter book for gender non-comforming kids, and we want even more amazing stories to put inside it. No experience required, just a solid narrative with a lot of hope to give to the next generation of queerdos and GNC kids.


– You must have been (coercively) assigned male at birth and you must identify as transgender, transsexual, or non-binary. No exceptions. If you are (C)AFAB and want to write kids lit, that’s great–but please not on this project.

– We are currently only accepting submissions from people of color. This call is our collective attempt at subverting pervasive white supremacy.

– We want to see stories with a fair amount of magical realism to the straight up fantastic. Dive us into new worlds or places on this one that are unseen and/or forgotten.

– Please no picture books for now. We know our community needs them, and we hope to fulfill this desire in the near future.

– The stories need to be kid appropriate, so we can’t accept transformation stories unless we’re talking magical girl/Crystal Gem/Sailor Moon kind of stuff.

– If you want to see examples of accepted submissions, email Amy at [email protected].


No submission fee required. Your story should not be longer than 2500 words, but we will make exceptions for the right artist. We will pay $300 for accepted stories to this anthology.

Email your submission as a Word file or PDF by JUNE 30, 2018 to [email protected]. If you need an extension, let us know and we will work with you.

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