You see, I’ve recently come on as Co-Editor of the Marie Alexander Poetry Series, an imprint of the well-known White Pine Press.  The series was founded in 1996 by Robert Alexander and has a steady history of publishing one to two books annually, typically single-author collections of short prose pieces (often with some interwoven lineated poems).  Robert and I have done a lot of talking about what we might want to add next to the list, and while we can’t say specifically what we’re looking for, we definitely want to find a quality collection of prose poetry, something unique and entirely its own.  We’re looking for cross-genre work that uses the best elements of both poetry and prose, and while we appreciate experimental writing, we’re hoping for a manuscript that is grounded, with a strong emotional pulse.

Below are the guidelines. Please post them wherever you think appropriate and help pass the word. I’ll need manuscripts submitted simultaneously via snail-mail and e-mail; the deadline for manuscripts is July 31, 2010.

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How to Submit

The Marie Alexander Poetry Series has an open submission period during the month of July. An award of $500 and publication will be given for a chosen collection of prose poems by an American poet. Submit a manuscript of at least 48 pages, which can include some lineated pieces, along with a cover letter with complete contact information and an SASE for notification only. Postmark must be between July 1 and 31.Entries should also include a simultaneous electronic submission of the manuscript (MS Word or PDF format) sent to There is no entry fee. For more information,

Marie Alexander Poetry Series
Attention: Nickole Brown, Editor
P.O. Box 5686
Louisville, KY 40255-0686

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