Founded in 2016, pnk prl is a bi-annual online zine dedicated to publishing blackout/erasure poetry written by queer-identifying writers (self-identified of course; we work on the honor system). We publish in December & June.

We choose to focus on blackout/erasure poems because we think there’s something particularly special about the form. Blacking out and/or erasing parts of a text to make a new one gives a poet the opportunity to put themselves into a narrative, to disagree with a point of view, to re-write a moment in time, etc. with the added color of the source text affecting the result; i.e. a poem about being queer, erased from the Book of Leviticus (in our opinion) is more powerful than a completely original poem on the same topic. We enjoy juxtaposition and transformation here at pnk prl and we kind of think all poets do too.

As a zine, pnk prl is not-for-profit. We host the website out of pocket and our ultimate goal is the continued publishing and sharing of work we love. We aren’t making any money and, because of this, we currently cannot pay those we publish. Nonetheless we do strive to continuously promote the work and successes of our contributors—whether they’re re-published with us or with someone else entirely.

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For issue 3, we are only accepting erasures from SCRIPTS (PLAYS).

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