We are delighted to announce a call for essays, personal stories, and reflections by gay and queer-identified transgender and cisgender men on sex, dating, and long-term relationships for a new anthology, Trans Homo…Gasp! Gay FTM & Cis Men on Sex and Love.

Most anthologies on transgender men/FTMs have centered on the experiences of straight and bisexual transgender men. Very few have focused on the narratives of gay/queer FTMs who primarily or exclusively have sex, date and are partnered with cisgender or transgender men. Moreover, even fewer have incorporated perspectives of cisgender gay men who have come to embrace transgender men as equal sexual/romantic partners.

The current collection proposes to bridge this gap by inviting essays, personal stories, and reflections from a diverse range of gay/queer transgender and cisgender men – who come from different ethnic and racial backgrounds, sexual orientation histories, gender presentations, and physical ableness – to discuss issues relating to sex, dating, and romance between transgender and cisgender men, or between two transgender men, in a gay male culture that places a premium on traditional social conceptions of masculinity and physical appearance.

If you are a gay/queer transgender man, consider exploring questions such as:

  •      How have you learned to navigate gay male cultural codes?
  •      In what ways have you been adapting to, shaping and ‘queering’ gay male subcultures and labels?
  •      What kind of concerns, if any, did/do you have about passing and how did/do you deal with them?
  •      What have your experiences been on gay male hookup apps (Scruff, Growlr, Recon, etc.,)?
  •      What have been your experiences with and reactions to rejection, microaggressions, transphobia and ‘isms’?
  •      How do you cope with sexism in gay male circles, such as hearing derogatory comments about women? In what ways do these situations make you aware of your own sexism?
  •      Has your sexual attraction changed over time?
  •      In what ways did you/do you act on your desire? If you’ve been holding back, what’s been preventing you?
  •      In a dating or sexual context, how do you disclose being a transgender man?
  •      How have HIV and STIs impacted your behaviors?
  •      Have you found a home in a gay male subcommunity, such as BDSM/leather, radical faeries, sisters of perpetual indulgence, bear culture, etc.? Was being trans an important factor initially and perhaps even currently? To what extent do you feel seen holistically in this space?
  •      Do you have a preference for dating trans vs. cis men? If so, why?
  •      How is being in a trans/trans gay male relationship similar and different from being in a trans/cis gay male relationship?
  •      Do you have any tips for cisgender gay men who want to have sex and to date transgender men?

If you are a gay/queer cisgender man, consider exploring questions such as:

  •      What was your first experience with a transgender man like?
  •      Has your attraction to a trans man led you (or others) to question your gay identity? If so, how did/do you handle it?
  •      What was your ‘coming out’ experience about being with a trans man lover like?
  •      What kind of reactions did you/do you receive from family, friends, and community and how did/do you cope with them?
  •      What tips would you give to cisgender gay men who want to have sex and date transgender men?
  •      Do you have a preference dating trans vs. cis men? If so, why?
  •      Have you bottomed to a trans guy (sexually and/or in a BDSM context)? If so, in what ways, if any, did this experience surprise you?
  •      To what extent has your sexual identity changed as a result of being with a trans man?
  •      What fears did you/do you have about being with a trans man? How did/do you handle them?
  •      What are some of the dynamics of being in a relationship with a trans man?
  •      Have you been inspired to become an ally to and advocate for trans community, and if so, what steps have you taken?

Essay length: 1,500-2,500 words. Deadline: July 15, 2016. Send essays and inquiries to Avi Ben-Zeev or Pete Bailey at: gayftmbook@gmail.com.

Avi Ben-Zeev, Ph.D. is a gay transgender man and a professor of psychology at San Francisco State University (SFSU), where he directs the Cognition and Social Equity lab and is the Co-Coordinator of the Mind, Brain & Behavior Program. He received his Ph.D. in Cognitive Psychology from Yale University in 1997. Dr. Ben-Zeev serves as a multiple PI on SF BUILD, a large-scale project funded by a grant from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) for creating institutional change that promotes multiculturalism while recognizing and overcoming the effects of implicit bias and stereotype threat. Dr. Ben-Zeev has been serving on the editorial boards of Psychology of Popular Media Culture and the Journal of Homosexuality and has authored high impact publications in top-tier journals, such as Psychological Science, Journal of Experimental Social Psychology and Cognitive Science. Dr. Ben-Zeev has also edited and co-authored books on cognition published by Lawrence Erlbaum and Oxford University Press.

Pete Bailey, M.S. is a gay transgender man and an occupational therapist. Mr. Bailey has been a long-time LGBT activist and was a founding member of the Gay/Straight Alliances of Salt Lake City, an effort that led to a national lawsuit, which ensured the rights of LGBT students to form clubs and to meet on high school campuses in 2001. More recently, Mr. Bailey has been focused on promoting and protecting workers rights within the labor movement, including assisting with the formation of cooperatives and with initiatives to enhance cooperatives visibility during public demonstrations.


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  1. 9 May 2016 at 2:44 AM #

    I’d like to write a book about it. I’ve got plenty of poetry. Let’s make a category for us in the whole award process, so that I can submit something worthy of an award.

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