From Lethe Press:  Who is one of the most filmed, most admired characters in English Literature? Yes, Sherlock Holmes. And Lethe Press did release an anthology of queer-themed Holmesian fiction, A STUDY IN LAVENDER. Well, we’re taking on the next such character in a forthcoming anthology SUFFERED FROM THE NIGHT: QUEERING STOKER’S DRACULA. 

I want to see historical fiction that expand both major and minor characters from Stoker’s novel. What really happened to Van Helsing’s wife? Did Renfield like to nibble on waifs as much as flies? And so forth. I don’t want characters from the endless cinematic versions. Use Stoker as your Bible, the events of the novel as if they happened.

Stories can range from 2,000 to 10,000 words. No reprints please. No erotica please. I advise you to email me with the scenario you are writing about so I don’t have to read twenty Seward tales.

As of now, no stories about the sailors aboard the Demeter or tales about Dracula’s “brides” — they have already been done for the book.

Payment will be 5 cents a word upon publication in fall of 2013. Send the stories as rtf files to  Deadline is October 31st, 2012. Of course.


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