Call for Submissions: Gay^ Book Lovers Unite

Please submit by April 14, 2017 at midnight (Eastern time)

(We are currently only accepting submissions from people residing in so-called Canada).

Want to have some literary geniuses with sensitive hearts read your unpublished work?

Metonymy is a Montreal-based press that publishes literary fiction and nonfiction by emerging writers. We try to reduce barriers to publishing for authors whose perspectives are underrepresented in order to produce quality materials relevant to queer, feminist, and social justice communities.

We’re opening up acquisitions beyond our two co-publishers to a little jury of people who we’ve worked with and who have shown love for the project over the past couple years:

***Gwen Benaway, Helen Chau Bradley, jia qing wilson-yang, and Kama La Mackerel***

They’ll read your work, choose one manuscript they would like to see published next, and give some substantive feedback to the writers whose work most strikes their fancy.

Writing that interests the jury will be on their radar and ours, and we can’t wait to see what comes in.

The details:

The author of the jury’s chosen manuscript will receive $500 and a fall 2017 publishing contract with Metonymy Press. We don’t require any $ from you (beyond the submission fee described below).

We’re accepting creative fiction and nonfiction (specifically, short story collections, novels, novellas, memoirs, and personal essay collections) from anyone residing in so-called canada.

Please submit one section (e.g., a chapter, around 20 pages) of your working manuscript, along with a one-page introduction of yourself as a writer in relation to the piece.

The jury members will know your identity, but not what you pay in submission fees.

The turnaround is quick, though, and we will ultimately be working with your full manuscript, even if it is a very rough draft. That means that by mid-May, if you are short-listed, we’ll need your 30,000+ word draft.

Submission fee is sliding scale, $7-25.

Once we’ve announced the person we’re going to work with, those of us at Metonymy, Ashley and Oliver, will take on our usual roles as publishers, so you would be working mainly with us for the next steps (editing, tour, publicity).


If you want to donate to the process but don’t (want to) write, you can do so here!

If you want to submit but can’t pay the fee, please let us know, and we’ll accommodate.

Our regular submissions process remains open at this time. As many of you who have submitted in the past know, you will need to be patient re: those replies, but we do get back to everyone.

Please take a look at our previous titles here and our brief mandate here for an idea about whether your work will be a good fit for Metonymy. If it’s not, we can try to direct you elsewhere!

Questions? Contact us at [email protected]


^ We use this term in both an open-ended and tongue-in-cheek way. You don’t need to be a “gay” person to submit.


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