Jocks. Sure, you may have hated them back in high school, especially if you were queer, and that’s okay. But think back. Did you not find yourself admiring them from afar: that sinew of muscle in their calves or stomachs, the way they embraced a good sweat, their fists in the air after they contributed to a hometown win? Or maybe you were a jock, and if this is the case, you know exactly what can happen in those locker rooms, on those long bus rides to a hotel three states away, or at a bar when you run into members of the team you’re playing tomorrow in the big game.

Love them or hate them, jocks are…oh…they’re hot, and the editors of Go Deeper Press are looking for exciting, inventive, erotic stories for our fiction anthology Huddle: Sex With Sporty Queers. Huddle will be edited by Angela Tavares (

The deadline is May 15, 2013.

Fictional stories only, please. We buy first international electronic rights. Authors will be paid $25 per story, but as Go Deeper Press grows in size, our listed authors will receive rises and royalties. We’re after stories from 1,500 to 4,000 words.

Please submit your story in a double-spaced Microsoft Word document, using a 12-point serif font, such as Georgia or Times New Roman. One inch margins, please. Our email address is below, and please be sure to include “Huddle” in your subject line. If you are using a pen name, include both your real name and pen name in your email cover letter and on the manuscript itself. Please also include a list of previous publications. If you are a new writer, let us know that you are committed to editing your work.

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