Go Deeper Press is now acquiring novels and novellas by new and established authors. Queer owned and operated, we have published rebel erotica and literary pornography since 2012. Our books are distributed by Ingram via IngramSpark.

We want: Novellas (20,000 to 49,000 words) and novel (50,000 words or more) that are compelling and engaging. We like plot lines and characters that take risks. We love originality and connection. We love being at the edge of our seats, either because your book is (a) forcing us to turn the pages (we can’t stop) or (b) turning us on.

We don’t: Have many restrictions subject-wise. Go Deeper Press and our imprint PornoCore don’t censor fantasy or fiction. If what you’re writing is intended to tell a complete story, with well-developed characters and stakes that are at least high enough, and to make your readers hot under the collar, or the hemline, or whatever, then your subject or subjects of choice works for us. This means some topics that are considered “taboo” by other publishers are acceptable here, specifically, but not exclusively—underage characters, piss play/scat, heavy BDSM, rape/rape fantasy, and incest. We only ask that you remember: complete story, well-developed characters, stakes that are high enough.

We don’t: Require that your novel or novella contain one of the above-listed “taboo” topics!

We love: Novels and novellas that represent the wildly colorful spectrum of sexuality and gender.

We publish: Mainly e-books, but will likely buy print rights for books over 50,000 words in length.

We have: Nearly 20 years’ experience in the publishing industry. This means you will receive professional editing and book design, business management experience, and genre-specific marketing expertise.

For information on how to submit, please click here.


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