Beyond: Queer Urban Fantasy and Post Apocalypse edition is open for submissions!

Editors: Sfé R. Monster and Taneka Stotts

Publisher: Beyond Press

Publication Date: Summer/Fall 2017

Theme: Queer Post-Apocalyptic  and Urban Fantasy Comics

Original urban fantasy and post-apocalyptic stories exploring, expressing, and including queer, trans, and genderqueer themes and characters. Adventures set in and around the end of the world, and hijinks surrounding city magic.

Post Apocalypse is an incredibly broad genre, and we are interested in both dystopia and utopia visions of the future. Verdant green spaces sprung up in the ruins of cities, and rusted outposts built on the edge of evaporated oceans. Post-culture and counter-culture, new societies and societal decay. How do people live, adapt, learn, and love after the end of the world and everything we know is gone?

Urban Fantasy takes magic out of the far-off realm of high fantasy and places it into a contemporary setting. Fae courts held in downtown back alleys, modern witches consulting magic subreddits for tips on how to augment a spell, doorways to eldritch spaces tucked between skyscrapers, suburban monster hunters, and mythical creatures blending in (or purposefully standing out) among bustling crowds.

Deadline for Submissions: April 4, 2016

Guidelines for Submissions:

  • A complete creative team. This means everyone you need to produce 3-15 pages of black-and-white, lettered comics, to press specs. We unfortunately won’t be doing any matchmaking, but try social media or various art sites to find interested parties.ALL CONTRIBUTORS MUST BE 18 OR OLDER TO SUBMIT A STORY.
  • A title.(Working titles are okay. Just make sure we know that’s what you’ve sent.)
  • A page-count.We will consider stories from 3 to 15 pages long.
  • A synopsis. Include a detailed andfinished plot (this includes beginning, middle, and end). Page breakdowns are a plus, but not necessary for the original submission.
  • Comic samples.If everyone on your team has previous comics experience, please include links to or files of previous comics work. If anyone on your team *does not* have prior comics experience, they need to send at least three sample pages of relevant work (script, pencils, inks, ect.).  Black and white/greyscale comic page samples are preferred. 
  • Brief bios and/or statements (optional but encouraged). Please tell us a bit about yourself, and why you’re interested in being in Beyond. These are for our eyes only—if you’re accepted into Beyond, we’ll ask for a public bio for the anthology and website.
  • Remember that this is a QUEER anthology, so be sure to make it clear to us how your characters identify (gender and/or sexual orientation) in your pitch!

For more THEMATIC GUIDELINES please see this post.

For our SUBMISSION FORM please head here.


Beyond will pay $50/completed page (pending funding) up to 15 pages of black and white/greyscale comics; plus 5 softcover comp copies of the anthology, and the right to purchase additional copies for ½ cover price for as long as the anthology remains in print.


Contributors cede to Beyond first worldwide print and digital rights to the story for a full calendar year from date of publication, and non-exclusive worldwide print and digital reprint rights in perpetuity. Intellectual property and trademarks, and all non-publishing licensing rights, remain with the creators.

Additional Information

Creators, both writers and artist alike, if you’re looking to team up with someone check the #Beyondcollab tag on Twitter and #Beyond Collab tag on Tumblr for more assistance!

If you have any questions feel free to drop us a line at


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