While the Landdykes’ issue of Sinister Wisdom (Sinister Wisdom 98: Landykes of the South) focused on the lived experiences of lesbians in rural communities, what are the lived experiences of lesbians in the city. Where do the lesbians in the city come from if and when not from the city? What propels them to move into the city? What propels you to stay in the city? What, for some of you, inspires you to leave?

This special issue is focusing on how lesbians live in the city, whether they live in the city by themselves or within intentional community. We are specifically interested in lesbians who write, draw, take photos of the transition into the city as it documents how the move into the city changes their lives. We are also interested in the lesbians who have never left the city; who help make the city a safe haven for the lesbians who move into the city from non-cities. And what about the lesbians who write about why despite the parades and the marches and the organizations, the city was not all it was for everyone who moved there, who stayed there. Not just the cities–New York, Portland, Seattle, Chicago, Austin, Oakland, or San Francisco–where we’ve always been known to be. We also want to know about the cities where lesbian visibility is growing like Las Vegas, Phoenix, Miami.
While the visibility in the city sparks our interest, so too does the “disappearing dyke spaces,” stories. Pulling from the Vice documentary called The Last Lesbian Bars, it’s on Vice, which addresses the lack of physical spaces for lesbians to come together, how are those that built them coping? How are millennials are adapting to their absence? What are they/we using to socialize, mobilize and meeting one another? Let us know!

In sharing your stories, your photos, your drawings, your interviews, your poems, tell us how the city changed what being a lesbian means to you. Let us know if and how “the city” allows you to be a bigger, badder, lesbian. Let us know if being a lesbian was not enough when you arrived and when you settled into the city. Show us the pictures of your ‘lesbian city;’ tell the story of what a ‘lesbian city,’ would, could or should look like. Tell us why, tell us how, tell us when. Whether you’re 19 or 91, what are the lesbians in the city like? what is your lesbian experience in the city like? How did transitions in ethnic, racial, class, gender diversity change your individual and collective understanding of lesbianism? What are the negotiations you make to be a lesbian in the city you were born, in the city where you ‘came out,’ in the city where you landed?

We look forward to diversifying the face and body of lesbians riding on trains, biking on the road and moving into skyscrapers. Scrape the sky of our imagination with your creation.

All offerings of work for this issue should be made by April 30, 2018. The anticipated publication date is October 2019.

Visit this link for more details on how to submit to Sinister Wisdom. 


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