Hi everyone, I am in the process of compiling a selection of personal essays about LGBT teens/adults growing up in the Bible Belt/rural South — working title: AS WE ARE. I am seeking stories concerned with every angle of experience: living closeted, coming out, feeling acceptance, etc.
I am also currently beginning the search for publisher, so right now I am unable to guesstimate how much authors will be compensated.

I know it’s a stretch to ask for good writing without offering a specific dollar amount, but truthfully, this is really a labor of love for me — a desire to get some of these stories out on a national level.

Please feel free to e-mail me (Brit Blalock) to ask questions or to send a submission at aswearebook@gmail.com.

Some tips for submitters:

* Submissions should be between 1,000-4,000 words.

* The book will be marketed as non-fiction and personal essay, so we’re looking for stories that are true. Please do not submit work that is not based in fact and personal experience. (We don’t want to have a James Frey situation on our hands!)

* If you’re not a writer by trade, don’t worry! I’m here to help with the editing process. I’m mostly looking for people who have great stories to tell.

* All stories will not be accepted. I’m sorry, but that’s the way the book world works! I can promise that every essay will be given a very thorough read.

* Please submit via e-mail by attaching your essay as a word document.

* In your e-mail please include a short biographical note. Incorporate details like profession, location, past publications, etc.

A little bit about me, the editor:

I was born and raised in lower Alabama along the Gulf Coast. I spent 5 years in Birmingham for undergrad and work before moving to New York City to complete an MFA in creative writing at NYU. I will be finishing that degree this May and relocating based on job opportunities. Many thanks for reading and submitting

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