Glitterwolf Magazine is currently open for submissions of poetry, fiction and art for Issue 8 (Theme: Identity) and Issue 9 (Theme: Gender). In addition to this, we are now opening submissions for a special addition to Issue Eight.

For Issue Eight, themed on “Identity”, we are taking inspiration from the Letter Q and Dear Me and seeking submissions of letters, written from LGBT writers to their sixteen-year-old-selves. If you’re anything like us, I’m sure there’s a great deal you know now that you wish you could tell yourself then, even if it’s as simple as “it gets better.”

These letters can be confessional, advisory, funny, rude, flippant or incendiary as long as, at their heart, they are sincere.

Submission Length: Circa 500 words, 750 max

Deadline:  March 31st

Submit To:

Further Details:

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