We at Strange Horizons believe that twenty-first-century speculative fiction must be a global, inclusive tradition, fully aware of and working against the influence of historical marginalizations in both the stories it tells and the voices it enables to tell them. As part of that work, we are pleased to open submissions for a month-long celebration of queer SF from around the world, to be published in July 2016 and to include approximately 20,000 words of fiction (almost twice our usual amount), at least eight poems, and related non-fiction.

For this special, across all departments we are looking for work that explores intersectional queer imaginaries and experiences around the world, and in particular for work by queer and multiply marginalized writers from outside North America, the UK, and Australia as well as queer indigenous writers from those regions. Our queer planet is not majority-white.

We have a preference for stories and poems that are tied to our (queer) planet: works that take Earth as their setting (whether in the past, or the future, or an alternate reality), or works that explore a diaspora from Earth. We are not looking for secondary-world fantasies for this special. (Send us your secondary-world queer fantasies to consider for other months!)

But most of all we want your stories, from your experience; we want to see the possibilities of speculative literature through your eyes. We do not (nor do we expect you to) deny the difficulty of many queer lives, past and present, but we are not looking to reiterate the familiar, often tragic narratives of queerness that have so often confined our stories.

Our definition of queerness is as varied as the people to whom it applies: gay, lesbian, bisexual, asexual, intersex, transgender, non-binary, genderqueer, agender, and all the unmapped spaces around and between these identities. If you’re queer and we didn’t name you, your perspective is welcome.

We know that queerness is not the sole definition of your identity, and welcome stories that explore the intersections of queerness with race, class, gender, disability, neurodiversity, and other common axes of marginalization.

The deadline for all submissions is Sunday April 10, 2016. Submissions should follow our usual guidelines and acceptances will be paid at our standard rates. If you have any questions, please contact management@strangehorizons.com; if in doubt, please do not self-reject. We look forward to reading your submissions!

Some additional information about the special, including details of how to submit to different departments of the magazine, can be found at this link.




2 Responses to “Call for Submissions: Our Queer Planet”

  1. 9 March 2016 at 11:31 AM #

    I’d wish to submit a book of homoerotic verse which I would consider fantasy. I also believe this book, entitled “Generation 26,” would be considered a Readers Theater script.

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