Wild Girls, Wild Nights: True Lesbian Sex Stories

You put something of yourself into everything you write. You know you do. Now it’s time to take a deep breath, go that extra step, and write an erotic story firmly grounded in truth. Real encounters, real emotions, real sensations, real people, drawn from memory and transformed by your art into real stories as gripping as any fiction.

Some degree of poetic license—or erotic license—is all right. Memories are inevitably filtered through time and experience, and telling a story can sometimes reveal the inner truth of feelings and actions better without a precise list of actions or a verbatim account of conversations. In the heat of the moment—and I do want the very hottest moments—certain parts stand out so vividly in your mind that everything before and after blurs and must be imagined. Combining events into a shorter time span can make the overall effect more intense. Pseudonyms are fine, and even if you use your own name, you must use fictional names for any other characters in order to maintain some degree of privacy.

As always, I’ll be looking for variety in style, tone, setting, characterization, and all the things that make a story distinctive. This time, though, realism is the primary factor. First-time encounters are great, high points in long-term relationships are lovely, one-time outrageous adventures are fine, and BDSM elements are welcome as long as you really know what you’re talking about. True love, mad crush, daring experimentation, any of these can work, and even sex that doesn’t work out as planned is fair territory. Perfection in looks, skills, endurance, or any other erotic attribute is not necessary, and even if you’re lucky enough to have encountered perfection, you’ll have to make me believe in it. In fact, no matter what you write, you’ll have to make me believe in it. These stories must be not only intensely arousing, but intensely convincing as well. Readers need to feel a link to their own lives and a validation of their deepest desires.

All stories must be written in the first person. All writers must be women, which in this case means having identified as women during any stage of their lives. My preferred length is 2000-5000 words. If you have a good story to tell but aren’t sure your skills are up to it yet, give it a try; I’m willing to work with you on technical details. This balance of truth and art can get complicated, so feel free to e-mail me with any questions.

Editor: Sacchi Green

Publisher: Cleis Press
Preferred Length: 2000-4000 words
Deadline: March 1, 2012
Payment: $50 per story and two copies of the anthology

E-mail submissions (.doc or .rtf files only) and queries to: sacchigreen@gmail.com.

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