Wilt is a new literary journal that aims to provide a platform for queer and trans* people to discuss and explore their experiences in relation to the wealth of queer literature that currently exists and the literature that they themselves produce. To read more about our ethos, click here.

Submissions for our first issue are open until March 31st 2018. Rather than specifying a specific style or form, Wilt prefers work that expresses the author’s voice in whichever way feels most natural to them. We accept multiple submissions from any author, however quality is naturally preferred to quantity.

Wilt only publishes previously unpublished work, although exceptions can be made for work published on personal blogs or similar (if this is the case, please inform us in your submission e-mail). If you should need to withdraw submissions due to outside publication, please inform us immediately.

Final response times will be six weeks after the final submission date. All submissions will receive a response.

Documents should be uploaded with the title of ‘Author’s Name – Submission Name’ and should include a short bio (roughly fifty words).  Submissions should be e-mailed to [email protected]

If you work is selected, you agree for Wilt to have first publication rights for the piece. You retain permanent copyright of the work.

Below are submission guidelines. For further information, click here.


Each submission can include up to seven poems. There is no length restriction on individual poems.

Short Fiction

Each submission should feature one original piece of writing. There is no length restriction on individual pieces, with space in the journal for pieces ranging from flash fiction to extended short stories.

Creative Non-Fiction & Personal Essays

Each submissions should include one essay. There is no length restriction for creative non-fiction and personal essays.

Commentary, Reviews and Academic Essays

Each submission should include one piece of writing. Reviews and commentary should be no longer than 1500 words, and academic essays no longer than 2500.

While deconstructive critique of texts is vital to literary study, Wilt aims to feature writing which focuses on the possibilities created by queer writing as opposed to the areas in which it fails. In this way, academic critique that fails to engage constructively with a text is unlikely to be accepted.

We’re also aiming to build a compendium of insightful reviews of queer literature – for this reason  we are also interested in receiving reviews of classic queer literature, queer literature that has been forgotten, or recent queer literature that particularly speaks to writers sensibility. Submissions for reviews remain open when submissions for the journal are closed.

Visual Art

Wilt also aims to showcase visual art from queer creators alongside queer writing. Submissions may include multiple artworks, the higher the resolution the better.

All submissions should be sent to [email protected]

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