Black Trans Love Is Black Wealth

Kai M. Green, Dora Santana, Evolve Benton (Editors)

We write this call to Black Trans, gender-non-conforming, and non-binary folk with excitement and urgency: It is our time to add our voices and our stories to a vibrant Black queer literary lineage. We have spoken to so many who, like us, first found our voices through the living literatures of people like James Baldwin, Toni Cade-Bambara, Audre Lorde, June Jordan, Marlon Riggs, and Joseph Beam. We must now tell our own stories, so that our younger siblings and our kinfolk who are Black and Trans and GNC know that they, too, have a lineage: a heritage, complicated and nuanced, but here nonetheless, in this life. We have the honor of being the offspring of Black feminists, Black gay men, Black Lesbians, Black queer and Trans people around the globe. Let us now continue in the legacy of Black courage, liberation and love by adding our tales to the bubbling pot of gumbo, as Marlon Riggs might say. Let this collection and your stories make the pot richer. Join in the chorus of Black queer survival and revival. Let our courage today nourish the courage of those who will surely come behind us, those whose names we may not yet know. For many of us, it was both the kitchen table and the life that nourished our Black queer beings. Please join us by adding your voice to this collection, the first Anthology of Black Trans and GNC writing.

From ancestral and ongoing oral traditions, we mobilize our flesh and our voices to produce a collection of art, poems, prose, essays, paintings, photographs, and plays representative of the diverse, multidimensional, and transnational experiences of Blackness. We invite submissions addressing, but not limited to, the following subjects:

•Relationships (friendships, family, transitioning with partners, non-monogamy, heartbreak, sex, love); Spirituality/Religion; Coming Out (again and again); Sex (gender roles, hooking up [Craig’s List, Grindr…], play parties,  STIs, PREP, sex work); Our bodies (hormones, surgery, health, fitness, STP, packing, binding, self-love, the voice); Workplace; Violence (sexual, intimate partner, state-sanctioned); Public bathrooms (horror stories, maps or stories about your ideal public bathroom); Mixtapes (annotated playlists for survival); The State (incarceration, education); Aging (or aging but looking “young”); The Medical Industrial Complex; Black Queer futures (visionary fiction); ***Anonymous (Not everyone our community wants to or has the ability to come out and be visible in the same way. This space is open to those kinfolk who shall remain nameless. There is space in this collection for your stories, too. Your tales and lessons are relevant. Diverse journeys will be honored here.)

Short essays [fiction or nonfiction] (3000-word max), poetry (up to 3 poems), art & photography (3-5 pieces), and interviews (5000-word max) will all be considered. If there is a format not listed here that you’d like to submit, please email us–we want to hear from you!

We kindly ask contributors to submit completed manuscripts/portfolios and a short biographical statement by February 11, 2018 (As a .doc/.docx Word Document or .pdf/.jpg for visuals). Please submit your manuscript/portfolio here.

If you have questions, email us @ [email protected]


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