Crab Fat is currently accepting flash fiction, short stories, poetry, and visual art. Crab Fatis interested in honesty, no matter how brutal it is. Don’t be afraid to use real language. Crab Fat is not interested in robotic academic language; frank language is always the best, even if that means using profanity and non-standard English. Break away from traditional structures and mainstream ideologies. A good plot means something, but doesn’t always mean everything. Emotive writing is most important.

What kind of writing does Crab Fat enjoy?

We love well done second person POV in short fiction, and poetry with scientific language & outer space imagery. We love prose that traverse the galaxy and remind us that humanity is but a small part of the infinite unknown. We want poems about Batman & Joker & Gotham City. We want unique expressions of gender & gender neutral pronouns & mock interviews with dead celebrities & prose poetry & cross-genre experimental work. Use words as weapons, allow raw emotion to bleed into the work.Crab Fat wants your anger, your love, your disappointment, your peaks, your valleys, & above all, your best work.
All email subject lines should be formatted as TITLE_NAME_GENRE. Please send prose/poetry as .doc/.docx and images as .png/.jpg attachments with file names matching the email subject line. Contact information should be included in both the body of your email and as a cover page for any submissions. Multiple submissions are fine, but PLEASE send only one document, including cover letter. Direct all submissions and contact information (include your @twitterhandle if you have one) to for consideration.  

  1. Flash fiction should not exceed 1,000 words.
  2. Short stories should not exceed 3,000 words. 1,100-2,500 words is preferred.
  3. Please send 3-6 poems, or no more than 10 pages.
  4. Images are limited to 5 per submission.

For more information about submitting your work click here.


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