‘The War Within’ by Yolanda Wallace

The lives of four people intersect on Jekyll Island, Georgia during one summer in The War Within. The story is divided into two sections, one historical and one contemporary. The first section gives us the story of a young, idealistic nurse who has volunteered for duty during the Vietnam War. Idealism gives way to realism… read more

‘Murphy’s Law’ by Yolanda Wallace

Samantha “Sam” Murphy’s business is leading people up the challenging Himalayan peak of Annapurna I.  She’s proud of the fact that in all the years she’s been at it, she’s not lost one hiker during the dangerous journey. Murphy’s Law as Sam knows it is that everyone returns from the mountain alive, no exceptions. Even… read more

'In Medias Res' by Yolanda Wallace

In Yolanda Wallace’s In Medias Res (Bold Strokes Books) Sydney Stanton realizes as she’s running through the airport to catch a plane that she doesn’t know where she’s running to. When she stops running, she doesn’t know who she is, where she’s going, or where she’s been. What she does know is that she has… read more

'Rum Spring' by Yolanda Wallace

Dylan Mahoney and Rebecca Lapp have been friends forever. That’s where their similarities end. Rebecca is Amish, Dylan is not. Dylan is gay, Rebecca is not, and she knows she’ll marry a local boy and have kids. Dylan is a film buff, Rebecca has never seen a film in her life. When Rebecca’s rumspringa, a… read more