Luis Negrón: The Cruel Gay World

“[…]’gayness’ questions the idea that society has of itself.”

In a wry voice that seamlessly combines both sincerity and camp, Luis Negrón’s Mundo Cruel examines how desire, love, and sexuality simultaneously inspire and warp the citizens of Santurce, Puerto Rico…. read more

Don Weise: Magnus Rising

“I think debates over what makes a book great are largely among writers and people who teach literature. The rest of us I don’t think really care. I’d say we’re more interested in whether we connect with a book…”

Publisher Don Weise took some time to talk with the Lambda Literary about his publishing imprint, Magnus Books, the future of LGBT publishing, and what characteristics make a book “great.”… read more

KG MacGregor: Love is All Around

Awww romance! People like reading about adoration almost as much as they like feeling it. It’s literature’s great everlasting theme. Award-winning romance writer and Lambda Literary Foundation board member Sue Greer, aka KG MacGregor, was kind enough to share her thoughts with the Lambda Literary Review about the popularity of romance writing–specifically in regards to lesbian… read more

Wayne Koestenbaum: The Horror and Fascination of Humiliation

“If you stumble upon negative comments concerning your body or your personality, remember that the online universe equalizes every utterance, and that negative or humiliating comments concerning your body or your personality weigh no more than a feather. Imagine the feather blowing away.”

Poet, critic, and author Wayne Koestenbaum took some time to talk with Lambda about the process of writing about humiliation, Harpo Marx, and how poetry informs his cultural criticism…. read more

Nikky Finney: Heart, Truth, and Justice

Nikky Finney is an award-winning, southern-born poet, whose critically acclaimed work is imbued with a distinct sense of lyricism and recurring themes of both social justice and communal history.

She was recently awarded the 2011 National Book Award for her latest collection Head Off & Split. Finney took some time to talk with Lambda Literary Review about her now famous National Book Award speech, shoe shopping with Condoleezza Rice, and the dividing line between art and rhetoric.
read more

Bob Smith: The Past Perfect Tense

“We should all use time machines to go back and tell ourselves how cute we are in our twenties because everyone is, but we won’t realize it until we’re middle-aged.”

With his new novel, Remembrance of Things I Forgot (University of Wisconsin Press), author Bob Smith becomes the ultimate genre mixer. The book is a time-traveling yarn, a political farce, a comedic examination of our recent past, and a heartrending tale of familial and romantic love.

Smith took some time to talk with Lambda Literary about his new novel, comedy writing and his own 80s past…. read more

William Johnson: Lambda's New Managing Editor

A Note from the New Managing Editor Forgive me; I live in New York, so marriage has been on my mind. Have you ever loved a book so much you wanted to marry it?  I don’t mean a metaphorical or allegorical love—I mean a literal love. Have you ever felt a passion so strong for… read more

Literary Pride Calendar - NYC Edition

Celebrate Pride in New York City with these literary events all week. Bob Smith’s Book Launch with Susan Blackwell, Lea DeLaria & Eddie Sarfaty Monday, June 20 · 7:00pm – 8:00pm @ Barnes & Noble | 2289 Broadway at 82 Street | New York, NY Celebrate the publication of Bob Smith’s novel Remembrance of Things I Forgot with readings by… read more