Scott Summers and Jean Grey: Modern Love

What would X-men Scott Summers and Jean Grey‘s epic relationship look like through a contemporary “reality” based lens? Pretty hilarious apparently. Gay visual artist and writer Max Wittert cannily reinterprets these characters’ coupling on his tumblr and turns the melodrama of the X -Men comics into a “kiki” inducing domestic comedy…. read more

David Bowie's Top 100 Must Read Books

David Bowie is not only an image shifting pop icon, he is also a voracious reader. Pitchfork reports: The Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto is currently hosting an exhibit called “David Bowie is”, which features handwritten setlists, lyrics, diary entries, instruments, sketches, costumes, music videos, set designs, photographs, and excerpts from films and live performances. The curators of that… read more

Allan Gurganus: Mysterious Algebra

“I think humanity and empathy are the real watchwords of fiction. I see very little of that in contemporary writing. I see a lot of detachment from the characters. I see a lot of irony. I see a lot of design and distancing.”

Allan Gurganus recently spoke with Lambda Literary Review about writing his latest book Local Souls, the new South, and the unquantifiable importance of empathy…. read more

Read a New Short Story from Andrew Holleran

Andrew Holleran fans rejoice! The summer issue of Granta contains a new work of fiction from the beloved author. The story, titled  “There’s a Small Hotel,”  is an affecting tale of a returning New Yorker’s reckoning with the city he once called home: He hated having to stay in hotels – or rather the fact that he… read more

Malaga Baldi: Ask the Agent

“…if I am reading a novel and I start comparing it to something else that is popular or I have read…then I know something vital has been washed away.”

High-profile queer literary agent Malaga Baldi took some time to talk with the Lambda Literary Review about her life in publishing, the ins and outs of being a literary agent, and the books that inspire her…. read more