GunnShots: Winter 2012

Fall saw a number of gems for mystery fans. Garry Ryan’s new Detective Lane novel and David Lennon’s new Quarter Boys mystery are topnotch. A first novel by Russ Gregory, though it was initially harder-going, kept me engrossed once I got into it. The sequel to Ralf König’s graphic novel about NYPD’s detective Luigi Macaroni… read more

GunnShots: Fall 2011

The end of a hot and extremely dry summer brought a number of enjoyable distractions. Richard Stevenson’s latest Don Strachey case shows author and P.I. back in top form, thirty years after their debut. There were second novels from Joseph R.G. DeMarco and Scott Sherman. Jordan Castillo Price and Andrea Speed continued their alternate universe… read more

Håkan Lindquist: Boy in Translation

“I needed to deal with all the sorrow I felt.” The author alternates between homes in Stockholm and in Berlin. When my email reached him, he was in “snowy Stockholm.” WG: Readers are going to want to know, so let me get the question out of the way at once: how much of your novel… read more