What Do You Love About Being Queer?

Toronto-based writer, musician and filmmaker Vivek Shraya’s recently published collection of short stories asks one question: What do queers love about being queer? The book began as a short documentary film shot inside Shraya’s own living room in which he queried a diverse range of people whose answers are more than cheerful, triumphant anecdotes—but honest… read more

God Loves Vivek

Vivek Shraya, author of God Loves Hair, was kind enough sit down for a chat on the phone about his book, its origin and the themes he explores. The delightfully illustrated collection of short stories was born from a true burst of creativity when Shraya was taking a breath of fresh air from his music… read more

The Queer Desi Dilemma?

Within the South Asian community, there exist rigid culturally established dichotomies between male and female, older and younger, gay and straight, as well as dividing lines between social groups. Specifically in Indian society, it seems this history of social division has prompted a sort of black/white mentality; an inclination for constrained dialogue on taboo topics… read more