Lost William S. Burroughs Documentary Resurfaces

Director Howard Brookner’s documentary film, Burroughs: The Movie, may be re-released and digitally remastered in the near future. Aaron Brookner, the director’s nephew, has begun a Kickstarter campaign along with two of his NYU classmates in hopes of preserving the only documentary ever made about author William Burroughs—the “all-around-subversive rabble-rouser, whose Thanksgiving Day prayer remains… read more

Becoming Barbara Streisand

Lambda Award-winning author William J. Mann discusses his recently released biography Hello, Gorgeous—“the electrifying story of how Barbara Streisand transformed herself into the greatest star of her era”—with Out Magazine. From Out: Mann, who has written definitive books about other LGBT icons including Katharine Hepburn and William Haines, secured access to previously-sealed private collections and… read more

Let’s Talk About Sex: Allison, Myles, and Woolf

Between the ages of 12 and 15, I spent at least four hours a day reading stories about sex between women. My time was divided between my father’s Letters to Penthouse collection, and Xena: Warrior Princess and Star Trek: Voyager fan fiction websites. It wasn’t just that these stories turned me on. It was that, whether they were about Ancient Greek warriors or varsity cheerleaders, these stories transported me from a small town where I was a scared, isolated lesbian to a fantasy world where women acted on their desires and were rewarded for it with love, community, and orgasms…. read more

'My Diva: 65 Gay Men on the Women Who Inspire Them' edited by Michael Montlack

Lambda Award Finalist The talent contributing to and discussed in the anthology My Diva is enormous.  Among the 65 contributors to this collection of mini-essays by gay men on the women who have inspired them are Rigoberto González, Reginald Shepherd, Timothy Liu, Wayne Kostenbaum, Edward Field, Alfred Corn, David Bergman, and D.A. Powell.  Among the… read more