The Return of Kate Delafield

Katherine Forrest is one of our iconic lesbian mystery novelists and Kate Delafield was our first out lesbian detective…. read more

Katherine V. Forrest: A Different Light

“We’re writing about new areas of our lives. We have so much more to write about. The first wave was our coming out stories and now we are writing about so many other things. Ours are the only untold stories–it was true then, it’s true now. We’ve invented our lives. It’s just exciting to me, the books yet to be written.” … read more

Nicola Griffith: Master World Builder

“I had to write about Hild because she was so important. She changed the world. Her story demands to be told. She basically midwifed English literature. And there’s no book about this woman. The more I thought about it, the more I thought, well, why?”… read more

Doris Lessing: Writing the Female Sex

“The work of women, and how women live, is still diminished and demeaned, most especially if those women don’t play nice, which Lessing, famously curmudgeonly, did not.”… read more

'White Girls' by Hilton Als

Reading White Girls one comes smack up against the most unpleasant of truths: America is neither post-racial, post-queer, nor post-feminist…. read more

'The Woman Upstairs' by Claire Messud

In her new novel, The Woman Upstairs, Messud takes the heart of a woman whose heart has been long-dormant, opens it up, layer by pumping layer, and by novel’s end, sets that heart on fire…. read more