'The Retribution' and 'The Vanishing Point' by Val McDermid

Some of our finest writers are authors of crime fiction. Russell Banks, James Ellroy, Patricia Highsmith, P.D. James and of course, Val McDermid. These writers don’t just tell a detective tale, they peel back the layers of human experience to reveal all the gory bits we try never to see up close…. read more

'Trick of the Dark' by Val McDermid

Trick of the Dark (Bywater Books) is something old and something new from McDermid. A stand-alone novel (not one of her series detectives appears) and thoroughly, engagingly, compellingly lesbian as well as being just as bloodily intense as her previous thrillers…. read more

Val McDermid's Pioneer Award Acceptance Speech

The 23rd Annual Lambda Literary Awards, on May 26, 2011, were chocked full of  thought provoking and inspiring speeches. The night was an oratorical dream. Here is Val McDermid’s Pioneer Award Acceptance speech—outlining the wondrous power of literature to shape lives…. read more

Val McDermid: Pioneer Award Spotlight

“I had a desire to make sure that the generations of women coming after me would not have to endure the cultural desert I grew up in.” Val McDermid is a Scottish crime writer who has written more than 25 books, most recently Trick of the Dark (Little Brown, 2010). What got you started writing?… read more

‘Fever Of The Bone' by Val McDermid

Lambda Literary Award Finalist One of the things that makes Val McDermid one of the best mystery writers on the planet—in the company of greats like Ruth Rendell and P.D. James—is how seamlessly she weaves current issues into her novels. McDermid has written more than 20 mysteries—all meaty, multi-layered 500-page books that like those of… read more

New in September

September signals the start of the official fall book season, one of the busiest times of the year for publishers and authors alike. Some exciting fiction titles this month include Monique Truong‘s Bitter In the Mouth (Random House)—we interviewed Truong last month—and Yield (Kensington), the exciting debut from Lee Houck. In nonfiction, we’re excited about… read more

The Not So Vicious Circle: Saints & Sinners 2009 (Revisited)

“I think that God, in creating Man, somewhat overestimated his ability.” So said Oscar Wilde in one of his innumerably quotable lines that made him the standard bearer for writers everywhere.  I used to fantasize about growing up and going to a cocktail party where I’d meet Wilde and toss around bon mots.  Ah well…wrong… read more