'The Paternity Test' by Michael Lowenthal

At first glance, the concept of Michael Lowenthal’s The Paternity Test (Terrace Books/University of Wisconsin Press) reads like the possible synopsis of a new television show. The plot of two gay men deciding to become fathers by way of a surrogate mother feels familiar in the current culture of gay-family based sitcoms (The New Normal)… read more

Book Lovers: Places I Read About on My Summer Vacation

Being flat broke in Vegas and not much of a world traveler in any case, I let my imagination soar above baggage checks and TSA searches to journey to exotic locales safe in the hands of some capable m/m romance writers.  If your vacation hasn’t gotten off the ground yet, it isn’t too late to… read more

'Chicago Whispers: A History of LGBT Chicago Before Stonewall' by St. Sukie de la Croix

Based on 2010 Census numbers, Chicago has the third largest urban LGBT population in the United States. The land that we know today as Chicago has had an LGBT presence since the seventeenth century. In spite of that, no one has published a history of LGBT life in Chicago until today. Chicago gay press writer St. Sukie de la Croix wrote Chicago Whispers: A History of LGBT Chicago Before Stonewall (University of Wisconsin Press) to fill that empty space on the shelf…. read more

Bob Smith: The Past Perfect Tense

“We should all use time machines to go back and tell ourselves how cute we are in our twenties because everyone is, but we won’t realize it until we’re middle-aged.”

With his new novel, Remembrance of Things I Forgot (University of Wisconsin Press), author Bob Smith becomes the ultimate genre mixer. The book is a time-traveling yarn, a political farce, a comedic examination of our recent past, and a heartrending tale of familial and romantic love.

Smith took some time to talk with Lambda Literary about his new novel, comedy writing and his own 80s past…. read more

'Ambientes: New Queer Latino Writing' edited by Lázaro Lima and Felice Picano

In his introduction to Ambientes: New Queer Latino Writing (University of Wisconsin Press), co-editor Lázaro Lima defines this slim volume’s scope as an opening statement in a growing conversation, one that confronts the bias of mainstream American cultural constructs and seeks “to envision a different kind of national culture.”… read more

'Celluloid Activist' by Michael Schiavi

Douglas Crimp’s seminal essay “Right on Girlfriend” begins with a memory of Vito Russo’s memorial.  Arnie Kantrowitz’ Under the Rainbow, his memoir of his Gay Activist Alliance (GAA) years, offers some of its most poignant lines to his two decade friendship with Russo. “We Love You Vito!” members of ACT UP cheered on Gay Pride… read more

New in March: Bachardy, Vidal, Jansson

& Books Not Found Anywhere Else Compiling this list every month is bar none my most challenging duty. Gathering a list of LGBT books published every month isn’t as easy as it seems. Pub dates change. Genres evolve. Authors come out. However, this is perhaps one of the most important jobs I get to do…. read more

23 Highly Anticipated* Books of 2011

AWP 2011 was abuzz with old friends and new friends alike. In between the lectures, panels, readings, and receptions we compiled this list of new and forthcoming books that authors, publishers, editors and readers are already buzzing about. What books are you most excited about? Let us know in the comments section below…. read more