'Eros and Dust' by Trebor Healey

All in all, Eros and Dust is rather ambitious. The stories are constructed of thick, revealing narratives that offer a great deal of insight about the heroes and hapless within its pages… read more

'Best Gay Stories 2014' Edited by Steve Berman

“The men you will meet in these pages are pained by the realizations that they are no longer young boys who can leap off rocks into a swimming pool or can happen upon a tryst without consequence. Some are at the precipice of adulthood, some are already across the great divide of years […]”… read more

A Week at Saint And Sinners--A Queer Literary Festival

For years I have been hearing about the legendary Saints & Sinners Queer Literary Festival. I have heard nothing but amazing things, and was delighted when this year all the pieces fell into place for me to not only attend, but to participate on panels and in readings as well. Saints & Sinners, now in its… read more

'A Horse Named Sorrow' by Trebor Healey

A Horse Named Sorrow has the musicality of a punk rock anthem; as a reader, you experience the same sensation of seeing your favorite underground band perform live, singing along with the unforgettable lyrics that have defined your youth…… read more

'Why Aren’t You Smiling’ by Alvin Orloff

Meet Leonard, a brainy 14-year-old dweeb growing up in 1970s Berkeley, California. He’s got the usual bright kid’s powers of observation, along with the ingénue’s ability to imagine a different world, where even he could thrive—other planets with less gravity, for instance, or perhaps if he were an inchworm. But in the meantime, he has… read more