'Why Dust Shall Never Settle Upon This Soul' by Ryka Aoki

Following up her 2014 novel, He Mele A Hilo, Why Dust Shall Never Settle Upon This Soul is Ryka Aoki’s first book dedicated completely to poetry. It collects her 2010 chapbook sequence about Los Angeles, Sometimes Too Hot The Eye Of Heaven Shines, and an older long poem, “No More Hiroshimas,” together with three new… read more

‘Impersonation’ by Joy Ladin

The angst and transcendence of that unique point in a transitioning person’s life—the last days that they exist in their birth gender, aware something shattering is emergent beneath the surface— is rarely captured so well as with the clarity and grace of Joy Ladin’s Impersonation. Written as part of a poetry triptych that includes Transmigration… read more

‘Baltimore: A Love Letter’ by Dane Figueroa Edidi

The book develops and deploys a sophisticated analysis of structural oppression, through the related categories of racism, exploitation, colonialism and transphobia, and of the ways this plays out as personal experience… read more

'Gephyromania' by TC Tolbert

“Taken as a whole, the pulse behind Gephyromania is that of a seeker who finds meaning not in what is found, but in the act itself.”… read more

'Transmigration' by Joy Ladin

The title of Joy Ladin’s 2009 Transmigration suggests the collection’s key themes: death, rebirth, the soul and its passing in and out of the body, transition. Written, as the introductory note explains, “during the hardest part of [Ladin’s] transition from living as a man to living as a woman,” the poems cohere into a narrative… read more