'Transposes' by Dylan Edwards

A major step to breaking down closet doors is to provide venues for trans* people to see themselves. Edward’s graphic novel does just that; focusing on the stories of six queer transmen…. read more

The Fruits of Winter: Ryka Aoki's 'Seasonal Velocities'

As Kate Bornstein’s Gender Outlaws once represented the lure and possibilities of trans community to me, alone and scared as I was in some unswept corner of [Georgia], Ryka Aoki’s book represents the possibility of healing, of hope and redemption…… read more

Andrea Jenkins: Unwrapping the Vastness of the Imagination

“…change is inevitable. And I think we are in for a dramatic shift now. Poetry has that ability to contribute to changing the way we think.”

Poet Andrea Jenkins is the author of Pieces of a Scream and Tributaries: Poems Celebrating Black History. Recently elected to chair the newly established GLBT Caucus of the Association of Writers and Writing Programs, she is also the Minneapolis Eighth Ward Senior Policy Aide in the office of Councilwoman Elizabeth Glidden.

Jenkins recently sat down with Lambda to talk about poetry, Amiri Baraka, social justice, President Obama, and much more…. read more

Kate Bornstein: Embrace the Outlaw

“…Stardom. It’s a greedy goal and it comes with lots of traps of arrogance, but the way I justify it is by giving back. But, I’m not a star yet. I call myself a sub-lebrity, maybe this book has bumped me up and now I’m a starlet.” Kate Bornstein embraces hir outlaw status. Hell, Bornstein’s… read more

'Stone Butch Blues': Dedication for CeCe McDonald

For many queer activist authors, myself included, Leslie Feinberg is an iconic inspiration and trailblazer whose life and work has created a world where it’s possible for us to do this kind of work. Leslie remains a true transgender warrior who, despite hir debilitating health crisis over the past several years stays on the pulse… read more