'He Mele A Hilo: A Hilo Song' by Ryka Aoki

“Each [character] is touched by enough quirky characteristics and backstory to keep them unique– no easy task, but Aoki pulls it off by drawing on the sounds, smells, and rhythms associated with each individual and the different spaces their hearts compel them to inhabit.”… read more

Elliott DeLine: Art from Life

“I just have a highly personal process when it comes to creating fiction. I think all writers do it to an extent.”

Author Elliott DeLine took some time to talk with The Lambda Literary Review about his work, success, failure, and the tensions between art, individuality, and community.
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The Fruits of Winter: Ryka Aoki's 'Seasonal Velocities'

As Kate Bornstein’s Gender Outlaws once represented the lure and possibilities of trans community to me, alone and scared as I was in some unswept corner of [Georgia], Ryka Aoki’s book represents the possibility of healing, of hope and redemption…… read more

S. Bear Bergman: Allowing All Children to See Themselves

This week author S. Bear Bergman rocked the Internet with the launch of a kickstarter campaign for Flamingo Rampant!, a new press focused on the creation of gender independent children’s books.

Lambda sat down with Bear to talk about the books, the decision to create an independence press, and what the money which continues to flow in above the initial ask will allow them to create.
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'Tango: My Childhood Backwards and in High Heels' by Justin Vivian Bond

Described in the New Yorker as “the greatest cabaret artist of v’s generation” NYC’s own Mx. Justin Vivian Bond is nothing short of a legend within queer theater circles the world round.  V is a Tony nominated, Obie, Bessie and Ethyl Eicrhelberger Award winner who has delighted audiences with over a decade worth of dynamic… read more

'Transition: The Story of How I Became a Man' by Chaz Bono

In Transition: The Story of How I Became a Man (Dutton) Chaz Bono, the only child of Sonny Bono and Cher publicly explores the intimate details of his adult life as he struggled to come to terms with his gender identity, and his ultimate decision to transition from female to male. Through the book, we… read more

Is There, or Should There Be, Such a Thing as 'Trans Lit'?

There’s a problem right away. If someone like Gore Vidal or Jeffrey Eugenides writes a book about a trans person it is hailed as brilliantly edgy, but if a trans person does the same thing it is likely to be rejected as the work of a self-obsessed weirdo…. read more