Nikky Finney: Heart, Truth, and Justice

Nikky Finney is an award-winning, southern-born poet, whose critically acclaimed work is imbued with a distinct sense of lyricism and recurring themes of both social justice and communal history.

She was recently awarded the 2011 National Book Award for her latest collection Head Off & Split. Finney took some time to talk with Lambda Literary Review about her now famous National Book Award speech, shoe shopping with Condoleezza Rice, and the dividing line between art and rhetoric.
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'Another Life Altogether' by Elaine Beale

When Jesse Bennett’s family moves to a small town on northern England after her mother’s return home from a mental hospital, more than anything Jesse wants to fit in at her new school. At the center of Another Life Altogether is a classic adolescent conflict: Jesse wants to be, not an outsider, but an insider…. read more