Book Lovers: Back to School

Lord of the Fraternity Todd Gregory returns to Polk State for Games Frat Boys Play (Kensington Books), the sequel to Every Frat Boy Wants It and the homo action is as hot as ever at Beta Kappa house.  Good thing our hero, Jordy Valentine, has just gotten a high-priced Swiss boarding school education that allows… read more

New in June: Cherrie Moraga, Bob Smith, and Dennis Cooper

Celebrate Pride with a sexy summer read including new fiction from Bob Smith, Todd Gregory, Dennis Cooper, and Joan Opyr. Quarantine, one of our “highly-anticipated” books of the year by Rahul Mehta –included in the Lambda Literary Awards gift bags — debuts this month. Richard Dellamora’s biography of Radclyffe Hall promises an unputdownable read of one… read more

'Blood Sacraments' ed. by Todd Gregory [NSFW]

For men who are into sucking blood, Blood Sacraments (Bold Strokes) is the collection for you: nineteen stories of vampire sex edited by Todd Gregory. It’s my first exposure to blood lust, as opposed to lusty Bloods in South Central. Although, they could easily make another collection…. read more

'The Low Road' and 'I Like it Like That'

In my last column I reviewed Rough Trade, edited by Todd Gregory. That book and the two reviewed here were finalists for this year’s Lambda Literary Awards. The Low Road by James Lear is a seventeenth-century adventure set in a Scotland worthy of Rob Roy with a hard on.  Young Charles has lost his father… read more

'Rough Trade' and 'A Sticky End'

In my first week as Lambda’s male erotica editor I received enough pornography to keep a lonely woodsman happy for an entire winter.  The first one I picked up was A Sticky End, a Mitch Mitchell mystery (great alliteration).  Mitchell is a wealthy doctor out to discover who murdered Bartlett a wealthy married man who’d… read more