'The City of Palaces' by Michael Nava

The huge achievement of The City of Palacesaside from its portrayal of the history and grandeur of Mexico and Mexico City, aside from a story of great beauty and profound humanity—is its powerful integration of a central historical event on our continent into our American consciousness…. read more

'A Visit to Priapus and Other Stories' by Glenway Wescott

Roscoe knows his subject’s work and life thoroughly; he knows that the difference between Wescott’s first-person stories and first-person essays can be paper thin. He very smartly arranged the autobiographical material in A Visit to Priapus chronologically to trace for the newcomer the arc of Wecott’s life, and in the process he also happily satisfies the Wescott lover’s taste for more quality work.
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'How to Disappear: A Memoir for Misfits' by Duncan Fallowell

In five distinct chapters woven together through a deep sense of nostalgia and a detective-like wistfulness, How to Disappear: A Memoir for Misfits by Duncan Fallowell offers the reader a glimpse into what it means to be (and to search for) those that have been forgotten, either through time or because of their own reclusiveness…. read more

Michael Lowenthal: Be My Little Baby

The Paternity Test (The University of Wisconsin Press) follows a contemporary gay couple as they attempt fatherhood. Author Michael Lowenthal poses a bevy of provocative questions: Can a child bandage a broken relationship? What ingredients make a suitable parent? Are we ever truly grown up enough to be authority figures? Lambda Literary sat down with Mr. Lowenthal and discussed what to expect when you long to be expecting…. read more