Daniel Mendelsohn: Beyond Borders, Beyond Identities

 “I learn things when people write intelligently about my books. That’s what you want as a writer, you want to be taken seriously and you want to be read intelligently. You can learn from an intelligent review—not necessarily a ‘positive’ review.” Waiting for the Barbarians , the latest collection of essays by Daniel Mendelsohn, covers… read more

John Cheever Turns 100

In his personal essay, “John Cheever Turns 100”, Lambda Award-winning author Allan Gurganus reminisces about his time at the Iowa Writers’ Workshop where John Cheever became his close friend and mentor. From his first step into Cheever’s classroom to their reunion years later in New York, Gurganus tells the story of an intimate, caring friendship—revealing… read more

Edwin Frank: Queer Aspects of The New York Review of Books

LGBT bibliophiles will recognize New York Review Books (NYRB) Classics as the press that could—but doesn’t—boast about its impressive catalogue of LGBT-interest titles. Edwin Frank founded the press in 1999 as the publishing house of The New York Review of Books and serves as the imprint’s Editorial Director.

Frank kindly agreed to participate in an exclusive interview with the Lambda Literary Review…. read more