‘Why Be Happy When You Could Be Normal?’ by Jeanette Winterson

Jeanette Winterson’s new memoir returns the scenes of her semi-autobiographical novel Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit, published when Winterson was twenty-five. Like the car crash you crane your neck to see, readers will once again encounter the harrowing insanity of her adoptive mother, Mrs. Winterson, “a flamboyant depressive; a woman who kept a revolver in the duster drawer, and the bullets in a tin of Pledge.”… read more

‘The Unreal Life of Sergey Nabokov’ by Paul Russell

Paul Russell’s newest novel imagines the delicate inner life of Sergey Nabokov, the lesser-known gay brother of Vladimir, of Lolita fame. It’s a work rich in details—the air-raid sirens of 1943 Berlin serenade Sergey as he remembers his childhood in St. Petersburg, Russia, where revolution and violence exist amid the ethereal beauty of the ballet,… read more

'I Am J' by Cris Beam

What happens when you identify as an adolescent male on the inside, but the outside world—including your conventional Puerto Rican and Jewish parents, your classmates and sometimes even your best friend— see you as female? Author Cris Beam was “inspired to write I am J more than ten years ago while researching her first book,… read more