T Cooper: Adventures in Manhood

In his new book, Real Man Adventures, novelist T Cooper turns his searing lens and sharp wit toward himself to capture something of the elusive experience of what it means to be a man, more specifically, a man who was assigned female at birth. … read more

T Cooper's Complex Polar Bear

Novelist T Cooper had a dream that Sarah Palin was shooting polar bears from a helicopter “Nam style,” he said at a recent reading at Bluestockings bookstore in NYC. Out of that dream, “Beaufort” was born: a Holden Caulfield-esque polar bear that is forced to leave his ice floe and lands in Hollywood. There, he… read more

'The Beaufort Diaries' by T Cooper

T Cooper’s latest book tells a pretty average tale: boy leaves home, goes to Hollywood, makes it big, loses big, moves to New York, struggles, and overcomes. It’s studded with A-list stars, sexy ladies, hard drugs, Scientology, and life lessons. It’s nothing you couldn’t find in the gossip rags—except that the protagonist, Beaufort, is a… read more

Ashbery honored @ Brooklyn Book Fest

Pulitzer Prize-winning poet John Ashbery was honored this weekend at the 5th annual Brooklyn Book Festival in New York City. The Brooklyn Book Festival “BoBi” award, given each year to an author whose body of work exemplifies or speaks to the spirit of Brooklyn, was given to Ashbery on Saturday night at the Festival Gala…. read more