'Hild' by Nicola Griffith

Griffith moves easily between genres, from science fiction to noir thriller and back, always with a taut language sense and an elegant, fast-moving story. In Hild, she has written a historical novel of thrilling depth.… read more

Susan Stinson: Body and Soul

“I am an out lesbian writing about Jonathan Edwards, who many consider the most important Christian theologian this country has ever produced, an icon for many, including many who don’t accept queer people – to go into that territory was scary.”

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Here’s The Miracle: Being in 'The Letter Q'

“The point, I think, isn’t the quality of the advice, which can never be taken in by its alleged recipient, but how much honor, vigor and convincing life the words – and pictures! – can hold.  It’s about stayin’ alive, at every age, in every sense.” When I was in grade school, lo these many years ago,… read more

Adrienne Rich: Send Something Back

We must use what we have to invent what we desire. Adrienne Rich, What is Found There: Notebooks on Poetry and Politics When I heard today that Adrienne Rich had died, I went to my disorganized shelves and started pulling out her books.  I found twelve of them, and I know that I’ve got more… read more

Lynne Gerber: Homosexuality and Weight Loss in the Evangelical Context

“… I think homosexuality and fatness are two items that have definitely been infused with intense feelings of disgust, moral feelings of disgust. Religion plays a part in that.”

Lynne Gerber is the author of the insightful, surprising new book, Seeking the Straight and Narrow: Weight Loss and Sexual Reorientation in Evangelical America (University of Chicago Press). The book is an astute examination of evangelical programs that have “attempted to contain the excesses associated with fatness and homosexuality. ”

Lambda took some time to talk with Gerber about the “sin” of being fat and/or gay, how she conducted the research for her latest book, and the morality of health…. read more

Best Books 2011: Authors' Choice

Lambda Literary queried a cadre of authors (Edmund White, Susan Stinson, Jewelle Gomez, Dennis Cooper, Kelli Dunham, and many more) to answer the question: what was your favorite LGBTQ book of 2011?… read more

Paul Lisicky's Primal Search for Shelter

“He has his feelers out. His antennae are raw.” Paul Lisicky is the author of Lawnboy,a novel, and Famous Builder, a memoir. He has received awards from the National Endowment for the Arts, the James Michener/Copernicus Society, the Henfield Foundation, and the Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown. His new novel, The Burning House, just… read more

Alex Sanchez and Susan Stinson Awarded Outstanding Mid-Career Novelists' Prize

Recipients of Largest Cash Award for LGBT Writers This week the Lambda Literary Foundation announced the two recipients of the Outstanding Mid-Career Novelists’ Prize – the largest monetary prize awarded exclusively to a self-identified LGBT writer. This year the prize recognizes young adult novelist, Alex Sanchez (Rainbow Boys), and novelist, Susan Stinson (Venus of Chalk). The… read more

Sally Bellerose: Talking Shit and Getting Away With It

Sally Bellerose’s moving, funny novel, The Girls Club,  just won the Bywater Prize for Fiction, announced at the Saints and Sinners Festival in New Orleans  on May 16, 2010.  The novel will be published  by Bywater Books in 2011. Sally Bellerose has received many awards for her work on the novel,  including an NEA grant. … read more