'Totempole' by Sanford Friedman

Totempole’s frank dealings with sex are not only notable but distinguish it from more well-known early gay novels like The City and the Pillar read more

'Bitter Eden' by Tatamkhulu Afrika

Novels about war, like novels about all-boys schools, are usually as much about male bonding as they are about war or growing up. In this regard, Tatamkhulu Afrika’s Bitter Eden, which is set in a series of WWII POW camps, fits the mold…. read more

'A Visit to Priapus and Other Stories' by Glenway Wescott

Roscoe knows his subject’s work and life thoroughly; he knows that the difference between Wescott’s first-person stories and first-person essays can be paper thin. He very smartly arranged the autobiographical material in A Visit to Priapus chronologically to trace for the newcomer the arc of Wecott’s life, and in the process he also happily satisfies the Wescott lover’s taste for more quality work.
read more

Finding Charles Jackson

If you’re asking yourself who this Charles Jackson is, or why you’d want to read anything he wrote, you’re probably not alone…. read more

'Marcel Proust: The Collected Poems' by Marcel Proust

Anyone who takes on Marcel Proust: The Collected Poems (Penguin Books) would do well to understand certain approaches to Proust’s work in general, one literary and the other biographical. On the literary side, it’s helpful to know that in his magnus opus, Remembrance of Things Past (RTP), Proust synthesized the novel and the memoir; and… read more