Divining Gay Poets: Some Talk about Sex, the Soul, and Career

One of the most anticipated and exciting events at the Associated Writers & Writing Programs Conference, held this year in Chicago, was the reading for Michael Montlack’s new poetry anthology Divining Divas: 100 Gay Men on their Muses (Lethe).  The conference, as always, was a highly successful event in which gay men, lesbians, and straight people… read more

'The Weary World Rejoices' by Steve Fellner

In the poem “St. Sebastian,” the speaker ponders: “How many St. Sebastian statues/ can I give as coming out gifts?” As the complex figure representing homoerotic desire and emotional/ physical torture, St. Sebastian is well-situated at the center of Steve Fellner’s hard-edged second poetry collection, which doesn’t disguise or sugar-coat the more disturbing scenarios of… read more

Yawp: Rocky Mountain High (AWP Recap)

Denver may not be exactly in the Rocky Mountains—its most mountainous feature is the white-capped roof of airport, situated on the flat plains east of the city, a lemon meringue pie for the gods.  But Denver is definitely a mile high, which meant that the breathlessness experienced by the poets and prose writers attending last… read more

'All Screwed Up' by Steve Fellner

Structured as a series of vignettes in non-chronological order, All Screwed Up is a memoir written with a dead-pan humor and honesty that allows each piece to amuse, shock and eventually endear itself to the reader…. read more